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I’m the girl with the average thickness and very, very straight hair… that wants big fat loose curls and a lot of bounce! It’s how life goes. We want what we can’t have. Or let me refrain that. We can have it! I’m talking about the celebrity choice of roller; Sleep In Rollers. For those who haven’t heard of them, Sleep In Rollers are, well, rollers. But these ones are a bit more special because they have a sponge build in so you can lay down and sleep with them overnight more comfortable unlike with the classic Velcro roller. And I must say, whether sleeping with them or not makes a huge difference since the longer you wear them, the greater the volume and the better the hold!

big wavesblow out

As you can see on the pictures I manage to get two looks out of them; the blow out look and the big wavy look. The only difference is that with the wavy look I go over each lock of hair with my curling iron very briefly to give them some heat and curl before I lock each roller into place.

haar productenNow, if your hair is like mine and doesn’t hold a curl for very long, using the rollers on product free hair won’t do much. I selected some hair care products that are essential for these looks to hold throughout the day.

  1. Shampoo and conditioner has to be lightweight for the curls to hold. Lush Big shampoo (€16.50) is superb and lives up to its name; big(ger) hair is what you’ll get! The actual formula has salt grains suspended so it has a grainy texture to it, but a very small amount lathers up nicely. It can be drying with continues use, so I would recommend alternating with other shampoos. To retain the softness, I use the Extra Care Liquid Silk hair mask (€4) from Schwarzkopf that leaves my hair silky soft and smooth. (It is important that it leaves your hair smooth because the Velcro of the roller can leave the hair slightly frizzy after you wriggle in your sleep.)
  1. The Label.M Volume Foam, (fine to medium hair type, €15) is really the star of the bunch. If you prefer more of a natural soft curl, with decent hold but still smooth enough to run your fingers through: this is the one for you. Foams are more lightweight then mousses and focuses more on lifting up those roots without that slightly sticky feeling. And boy does this one smell good! It has a beautiful rose fragrance that actually stays in your hair. On top of this, it protects from heat styling and sun damage and enhances the luminosity!
  1. For extra hold and shine I use the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray (€21) medium hold, which I love for its classic smell, lightweight and flexible hold it gives me. A bit of a splurge perhaps but a nice treat for your hair.Hair oils are one of my favorite things to look for. They’re the BB-creams for your hair and make a big difference when used in the right way! I love the Garnier hair oil (€4) in spray formula. Firstly: smells like a tropical cocktail. Secondly: sprays the oil in form of a mist so it is very hard to overuse it, easy to control and very lightweight yet so nurturing. Did I mention it only cost 4 €?

There are many tutorials on how to put on rollers that you can look up on Youtube because I admit I am not the best at it (I’m working on it) but basically what I do is section the hair and start off with a Mohawk by taking sections of hair not wider that the roller. After I repeat this on both sides securing every roll with a bobby pin.

On the picture you can see the set off Sleep In Rollers comes with;

sleep in rollers showroom_Fotor

– 20 rollers (I normally use 16 out of them)

– A pouch of clips that I don’t really care for since the head of the clips broke off after using it only a couple of times.

– A free DVD tutorial is included but I find Youtube how to’s more informative than what is showed on the DVD.

– A pink drawstring bag to carry them around.

If you chose to try them out I warn you that is does take a little bit getting used to sleeping with them but it is all about finding the right pillow! The softer the pillow, the less you’ll notice them (like a Down type pillow) and you do eventually get used to them. The rollers keep in place just fine as long as you secure them with the bobby pins.

I bought mine at feelunique.com (€25) and they sell them for shorter hair (also better for very fine hair) and in other colors too. I bought mine with glitter because they were on sale but I recommend getting them without the glitter because they come with a warning you can not apply any heat on them like a hairdryer.

In conclusion, rollers might seem like something your granny would do, but, knowing I’ll wake up with fabulous hair… makes this old-fashioned trick worth the effort.

What are your secrets for volume hair?

-X- Josune, Your Beauty Script


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