The perfect beauty siesta ft. Japanese steam eye masks

This week, I breake the ‘beauty siesta code’ into a summarized scheme and talk about this incredible Japanese steam eye mask. Here is how I mastered the skills of napping!

No day is so bad it can’t be fixed with a nap.’  (Carrie Snow)

My Spanish people have been judged for being somewhat lazy for our famous ‘siesta’ time but I’m here to defend this tradition by first of all clearing out that taking a siesta is absolutely normal. In fact everybody goes through two periods of intense sleepiness every 24 hours. One is during night time and the other comes normally between 1 pm and 3 pm. This could be later if you sleep in late.

Here is a sum up of what you should know about the perfect siesta:

beauty sleep ritual

beauty sleep ritual

My favorite Nap has to be the Caffeine nap which is the one that will give you an immediate alertness; you drink a coffee or caffeinated beverage and then immediately take a 15-20 minute nap. Mostly I take a coffee, but a cup of rose tea does the trick too. Rose tea is Relaxing and uplifting, perfect for that power nap. The caffeine will kick in once upon you awake from your siesta.


kao megrhythm steam eye mask

I spent many  hours in front of my laptop and that will cause my eyes to feel sour and painful. So these masks have become an essential to my power napping. Besides for napping or bedtime, they are great for travelling and long flights!

You have them unscented and in all kinds of fragrances like, roses, chamomile, etc but I got them in lavender and Eucalyptol. Definitely loving both. The lavender one is obviously ideal for nighttime and the eucalyptol scented is incredible for that powernap or if you catch a cold.kao megrhythm steam eye mask 2

How they work is quiet innovating to me; the moment you take them out of there packaging they get in touch with air and heat up to the right amount of temperature (up to 40º, and no, it doesn’t burn so have no fear) and gradually cool down in 10-15 minutes. In the meanwhile they release this incredible soothing fragrance that will intoxicate the air. The mask itself is very soft to the touch, fits perfectly and stays in place thanks to the soft ear loops.

They have become an essential to me and are quiet addictive… But do not expect them to clear dark eye circles or brighten up your eyes, these masks, to me, are for pure comfort, relaxation, and better sleep quality.

Every box contains 5-14 individual disposable pouches which make it convenient to take with you on the go. Prices range from: 5 pcs : US $ 6.70 & 14 pcs: US $18.810 .

They are a Japanese invention so you can get them at Asian drugstores (I bought them at Watson) or online at

In conclusion, if you fancy upgrading your siesta ritual, I absolutely recommend you starting with these. I will be restocking soon, but I might go for the rose scented ones… anyone tried these yet?

So, how about you, will you take a break and have a siesta?

X Josune, Your Beauty Script


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