Summer basic beauty swaps I swear by


We are in full summer now approaching august and some small but significant changes have happened in my beauty items I reach for every day.

summer basic swaps

summer basic swaps

SWAP 1; Rich moisturizer for deep serum & oil cleanser for fresh gel cleanser

vichy purete thermale

vichy purete thermale

In sticky hot weather I want something that makes my skin feel extra fresh and clean! Vichy Purete Thermale Cleansing Gel, 200ml feels super silky on the skin; it is incredible gently with my rather dry and sensitive skin and does an excellent job removing all my makeup! Normally I double up my skin care with both serum and cream but Aquasource Deep Serum, 50ml carries a triple concentration of pure thermal plankton cellular water and mannose that helps improve the renewal of skin cells and plump skin. The formula has a pearly pink gloss wich provides a visual brighter complexion as well.

SWAP 2; Defined curls for beachy waves

In summer I tend to swap my well defined curls to a more of a beachy kind of wave. John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray After 10 years of it being discontinued is re-launched with an improved version and a pretty summer vibe packaging. It gives that ‘just got from the beach’ type of look but since my hair is straight, it works best for me the day after I have curled my hair or slept with a bun. Favorite thing of this product has to be the smell though. An addicting coco – piña colada – tropical smell!

beach blond sea waves

beach blond sea waves

SWAP 3; Deodorants for Antiperspirants & cooling foot sprays

Rexona Maximum Protection has become my new best friend in summer! My normal deo just doesn’t do it for me when humidity strikes. I know I don’t have to worry about sweat-issues when I wear this one. It is unisex and I recommend the clear scent one of the range (blue) or the green one because others like the fruity smelly one, can have an overwhelming fragrance. You can also apply this deo before you go to sleep at night so you allow the formula to develop a higher level of protection for the next day.

The Body Shop peppermint cooling foot spray is great for an instant cooling effect but discovered recently that when I spritz it on my armpits it also gives a lasting cooling effect. I know it is not supposed to be for that but since I carry it around with me I might as well gives it multi tasks.

SWAP 4; Body Cream for Body Tonic

garnier body tonic &  Rituals body spray

garnier body tonic & Rituals body spray

Garnier Body Tonic is cheap, smells citrusy and leaves your skin slightly more toned and hydrated without the stickiness of a body cream! My skin absorbs it in just 5 minutes and it won’t make me feel sticky when I’m out in the sun!

SWAP 5; Perfumes for Bodysprays

Rituals Happy mist is just one of the many body mists I love using in summer! Body sprays have a lighter scent so they don’t smell overwhelming when you start sweating due to the hot weather. They don’t last as long as perfumes but I like to reapply them throughout the day to fresh up! Happy mist smells of sweet orange with a bit of cedar scent, you can also spritz in on your bed textiles!

Would you try any of these out?

x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤




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