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This summer in august, Sean and I travelled around Italy and visited, now one of our new favorite cities, Florence. While walking around the small alleys in Florence, we wandered into a narrow street when the most beautiful smell started tickling our senses…. There it was, like a hidden gem, Aqua Flor.

aqua flor florenceThe understated entrance feels inviting and intriguing… up until you enter the most beautiful 16th century palazzo divided into three spacious rooms; elegant wooden shelves and large wooden cabinets all around, old pharmaceutical drawers, rows of big glass bottles, piles of colorful soaps… all under beautiful arched ceilings, intriguing fragrances and a warm ambience lighting… This workshop truly felt it belonged to an earlier area.

aqua flor florence

First room entering the workshop looks like a mystery laboratory of secret potions.

aqua flor florence / Flor FirenzeWords cannot describe the surprise and joy I felt after a long day of walking and find this amazing workshop. One of the things that made it feel so magical as well is that besides me and Sean there where only 2 more customers looking around… where were all the tourists snapping pictures and hustling to get in line and stock up on souvenirs as most places in Florence during that time!? This by no means meant it is not worthy the visit, instead I quickly learned that Aqua Flor’s philosophy is not to be a commercial form of industry and wishes to remain a place to be discovered, this said, Florence Perfume is the only online store that offers the exclusivity of the brand marketing. Even though I feel huge appreciation for this, I did want to share with you this kind of secret magical place. (I just saw on their Fb- page Helen Mirren has been his client … so perhaps not so secret 😉

aqua flor florence / AquaFlor Firenzeaquaflor florence aquaflor florence

The mastermind behind this workshop is the talented perfume master Sileno Cheloni who has years of experience and study knowledge about the art of botanic extractions.

aqua flor florence / AquaFlor FirenzeThere is a range of products to chose from various price points and while breaking down an entire range of colognes, creams, perfumes, candles, salts, etc… would be tough, I’ll focus on the perfumes I purchased and are officially now ‘my scents’ !

The first day we visited I picked up 2 travel size (30ml) of FLAMBOYANT & AFRODISYA. The next day when I wore FLAMBOYANT, Sean couldn’t stop sniffing me and telling me how good I smelt. The scent lingered all day long so I had to go back the next day and got myself a full size of it, Sean couldn’t resist and bought himself OLTREMARE.


110.00 € | 100 ml |Unisex

TOP NOTES : Mysore Sandalwood | HEART NOTES : Bergamot from Calabria | BASE NOTES : Notes of fresh and slightly unripe Fruit

‘A very sophisticated Perfume easy to wear, sea-wandering and clinging to the Wind like an unfurled Sail that leads you straight wherever you want: to the Port or the open Sea. ‘


It wears exceptionally long on the skin yet it is never overpowering with warm and sensual woody notes and amazing clean and fresh notes of fruits. Think of the harmony of autumn and excitement of early spring… and you got Flamboyant!


90.00 € | 100 ml |Unisex

TOP NOTES : Passion Fruit | HEART NOTES : Beeswax Absolute | BASE NOTES : Patchouli

‘A fragrance for those who have decided to seduce and be seduced. The notes are those of passion fruit, apricot and patchouli. With a secret base of beeswax absolute, a powerful natural pheromone … Aphrodisya speaks sweet sensuality.’


For those who feel determined and passionate about what she/he wants. A seductive, warm but slightly sweet fragrance that will be very alluring especially during the colder months. The Beeswax Absolute adds a very delicious and sweet note… this is my ‘grown up’ fragrance for sure.


90.00 € | 100 ml | masculine

TOP NOTES : Sicilian lemon | HEART NOTES : White musk | BASE NOTES : Algae

‘With cool notes of musk and marine algae, this is an easy to wear fragrance one should always have in their collection of things that make you feel good. The only claim one should make is to be beyond all seas … a visionary.’


The Sicilian Lemon and Algae adds a Clean and invigorating – that fresh-out-of-the-shower scent while the musk gives that rich, sexy, and sensual scent. I would match it to the dynamic, sporty, youthful but mature type of guy.


Tel: (+39) 055 234 3471      /    Borgo Santa Croce, 6 . Florence 50122
Opening hours ; Monday to Sunday 10:00 – 19:00

Facebook: Aquaflor Firenze (link)
Online sales: Perfume Florence (link)

What scent is your’s?

x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤


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