OPI for spring, Hawaii mini set

Hola! My apologies for not having posted for over a week, but I’m still struggling managing the blog and everything else I have going on… When I started the blog I didn’t realize how much time and dedication it takes to ‘run a blog’ … I thought I would get it after a months’ time, but 3 months have passed and I still feel I haven’t established a good blogging routine… I have decided to make a Pinterest board about blogging and see if I learn how to be more organized and get tips on how to get this whole blogging thing down! BUT enough about my chatter, let’s get to the ‘fun part’ which are my new Hawaii mini OPI set of nail polishes!

OPI hawaii

OPI hawaii nailpolishes travel set

At first glance I admit I wasn’t too excited about the color range, but after swapping every color and playing around with the possible color combinations I have changed my mind completely. There is especially one color that pops out … a stunning turquoise metallic duo chrome effect with a slightly subtle hint of gold to give it some warmth…. without a doubt the most unique and original one from the bunch, I’m talking about the color: This Color’s Making Waves. I can imagine this will look good on any skin color and just screams out hot weather… It looks amazing with a simple jeans and basic white top or with any outfit for that matter. I took some shots of the past week where I put together some combinations:

This Colors Making Waves & That's Hula-rious (+gold detail)This Colors Making Waves + That’s Hula-rious (+gold detail)

suzy shops & island hops + go with the lava flow

suzy shops & island hops + go with the lava flow

Lost My Bikini In Molokini + AlohaLost My Bikini In Molokini + Aloha

Another reason why this colors making waves is my favorite, is that it is the only color in my opinion that doesn’t need a top coat to show a beautiful shine. It is truly beautiful on its own, and you can intensify its color by building up layers. The others are very pretty as well, but I do find the formula requires at least 3 coats to get a full coverage. The formula is not fast drying but ones dry they stay on longer than I expected. 3 days went by without a top coat and the nailpolish stayed on quiet nice. Go with the lava flow and This colors making waves look beautiful with a mattified topcoat as well and they are great for nail art details. Suzi Shops & Island hops + that’s hula-rious are the prettiest pastel colors that look pretty together in gradient style. Aloha is a beautiful coral – red but not too original, and Lost my bikini in molokini… well purples are not my usual choice of color but I combined it with the coral-red as you can see in the picture, and I kind of really like it now!

I think the mini set is definitely worth investing in, I prefer mini sizes anyway for nail polishes or else they always end up drying! However, if I were to invest on a full size I would of course go for the turquoise color, this color btw, is a dupe for the Azure 657 nail polish color from Chanel, it’s pretty much identical in my opinion!

My sweet boyfriend picked these up from the airport for me so I got the ‘travel exclusive’ set but they are also sold as a Hawaii Collection 4 Pc Mini Set, 13 and one single full size for €16.

 Have you tried any of the collection?

x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

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