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Sheet masks have been all over the place for some time now! It no longer requires to be a skincare addict to be in posses of a sheet mask, many western websites have started to commercialize them and everybody seems to be  snapping selfies with them (guilty)! If you are a regular reader, you know I moved to Taiwan 6 month ago. And even though Korean mask have taken over the western market, in Asian countries, Taiwanese sheet mask are the holy gray of the mask kingdom! And, truth be told, I have tried plenty of different kinds, and Taiwanese brand sheet masks are indeed outstandingly good.

I have hoarded way too many Asian sheet masks for my own good; I became obsessed with them and used them even on a daily basis. Out of this experience I’ve had some good and bad results. So scroll down if you’d like to know how it went and which ones are my absolute favorites!

Pros of using Sheet masks;

+ Whatever your skin concerns are – there is literally a mask for every occasion and need! So besides of being a booster for your skin care regime or a pamper- sort of thing, they are excellent for a ‘quick fix’ when your skin is acting out or needs a refresh. The results, although not very lasting, are immediate. If you want to have a lasting effect, I recommend using them 2 times a week. I don’t use them anymore on a daily basis since it is not very cost friendly and my skin doesn’t need it.

+ They come Individually packaged and are meant for one single use, this way all the mask goodies are well preserved.

+ Sheet masks penetrate well into the skin due to that the essence is forced to be absorb by occlusion for about 15 minutes.

+ You cant beat a sheet mask for when you are in need for a little pampering; they are a no brainer, just slap them on, lay back for 15 minutes and you don’t have to wash them of afterwards, just massage in what’s left on your skin.

+ They are a small investment when used on a weekly basis.

The cons of sheet masks

Unfortunately, many masks in the market contain mineral oils (which will clog pores), citrusy extracts (which give the brightening effect but are slightly damaging), others contain; fragrances, alcohol, parabens etc… some of my favorite mask do contain some ingredients that can be irritating, but I make sure they are on the button of the ingredient list in a insignificant way so they wont irritate my skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is crucial you make sure you double-check for possible irritating components.

What and whatnot to do

 It’s important to follow instruction of every mask. Some mask after applying them for 30 min, still feel very humid so I heard about people who even fall asleep with them on. This can cause the opposite results of what you want, because after 15 min pass with the mask on, the skin has reach its limit point of how much moister it can absorb. Your skin has reach its point and so has the mask, so from that point on the mask can start drying out and start absorbing the surface essence that has not sink into you skin. So when this happened to me, I found my skin slightly tighter – in a not good way- as if the mask had pulled back the hydration. Instead, after 15 min., use your finger to massage and distribute the remaining essence on you neck and chest area. It is ok if you leave the mask longer for a few minutes, but I would stick to the instructions and not leave it longer than 20 minutes top. If you have essence left, slap on the sheet on dry elbows, knees or anywhere your skin feels extra dry.

The Good Ones


 (Silk Sheet Mask Range)

Lovemore.SheetMask copy

Price range: ~ € 8 /5 pieces

What makes their masks different from other mask sheets is that they fit my face almost like second skin due to that they are made from all natural silk. They have probably the thinnest and best fitting masks I have ever tried, what’s more, they are so delicate that it’s very easy to tear them so it takes a bit of gentle care to lay them on. Having this said, it is surprising how well they hold up the masks essence. My skin absorbs it very well, well enough that I find they make for an excellent prep type of product before applying my makeup. I recommend the brightening masks; the results are pretty amazing and lasting. I do find them less nourishing then others so I would not recommend them necessarily if you are looking for something ultra hydrating, on the other hand, if you live in a humid climate or your skin is normal to oily, the lightweight formula might be a perfect fit for you.




– Price range: ~ € 1,5 – € 3 – € 5

L’Herboflore was one of the first sheet masks I was introduced by and have loved them ever since. They come in shiny oversized packaging and each mask is nicely folded and soaked in essence. The sheet mask is quiet large and fits into every hole and corner thanks to all its slits and cut outs that overlap nicely embracing every curve of my face. Even though there is a mask for every type of skin issue, I find them all outstanding in the hydrating field.

There are 3 lines in the L’Herboflore collection and I can say I love them all!

Regular Series; You can find plenty of fruit extracts, vitamins, moisturizing agents, aloe vera, sea derived minerals, flower extracts, etc. in each of these masks. They are made of a thin material but don’t tear easily. I find them perfect for a weekly use, before I go to sleep.

Oriental Herbs Series; Are fully packed with extracts of traditional Chinese medicine herbs, and although there isn’t much scientific proof about their benefits, the results I get after using them is pretty amazing; the brightening effect is no joke. The masks in this line are made out of Japanese silk fibers so they are very thin (similar to the Lovemore masks).

Clinical Series; Probably the most advanced masks they have; they are made of a cellulose material that is soaked with essence; the essence will soak into you skin noting that the mask gradually becomes thinner. This guarantees the skins maximum absorption of the essence with longer lasting results in softer and brighter skin.



Price range: ~ € 2,5 / single

Beside making amazing jelly masks, Annie’s Way surprised me with their Secret Garden series: lets take a moment to appreciate their pretty packaging: small-compact and pretty design – really puts a smile on my face! The collection is made of all black mask sheets, which are known to be excellent to fight the damages of air pollution such as dirty pores and dull skin. In my experience though, the difference between white and black masks isn’t that much different, not sure yet if it is a gimmicky thing.

Anyhow, these masks are great for when my skin feels dull, without luminosity and tiered because, the brightening, is definitely there. They are incredible soft to the touch, and leave my face feeling radiant, silky soft and bouncy. They are probably my current favourite masks I reach for. The downside? They are slightly smaller so they don’t fit very well, and they look possibly even more terrifying and will repel your man, so leave this one for your eyes-only.




Price range: ~ € 5 / single

It is very common in TW to walk into drugstores finding walls filled from floor to ceiling with sheet masks, however, Maskingdom has a slightly different brand concept; they aim to represent Taiwanese culture through their creative, beautiful packaging and ingredient list. I was lucky to visit their boutique where there is as much as detail put into its design as their sheet mask itself. Each range is designed by a different TW illustrator and with this, carries its own identity; take for example the ‘I wish’ range; in this range you can find fun masks as the ‘Happy Birthday’ mask that includes caviar extract to moisturize and fight the aging signs of the skin. Other ranges for example, are dedicated to Traditional Chinese Medicine; representing TW’s long history of knowledge and dedication of Chinese medicine.

Having this said, their mask or some of the most expensive I have found in TW; but they have a ‘dermatologist quality’ guarantee, don’t use: alcohol, mineral oils, animal ingredients, paraben preservative or hazardous perfumes. And I must say they are as pleasing to the eye as they are pleasurable to use, so I take everything into count.

The masks are made out of all-natural Japanese silk fabrics and stays nicely put on my face like most TW masks. What I find outstanding in these masks is the level of moister that goes into my skin after slapping them on. I find them so moisturizing I cant use them before applying my makeup since the glow (not oil) and moisture shine is so high my makeup will glide just of, however, if used before I go to sleep, I wake up guaranteed with better skin.




Price range: ~ € 1 / single

What I love about MBD is that they are very affordable but still free of parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, etc. The cut on these masks is pretty great, it covers around my eyes and leaves little uncovered. The material is made out of tencil fiber cloth (‘interleaves and efficient water-bearing structure of the essence’), which is kind of stretchy and thin at the same time and retains plenty of essence but can also result into drooping. I find the whole range super moisturizing and nourishing so I keep these for before bedtime. MBD has many sheet masks, but this series are my favorite ones and the ones I will restock on.

Top sites to stock on sheet masks

  • Great top – selection of Taiwanese brands:

  • Great wide selection of asian products and with occasional deals:

  • Great for good deals where you find sheet masks priced close as at the drugstore: (always check sellers with a lot and positive feedback)

Have your tried any Taiwanese sheet mask?

x Josune, Your Beauty Script


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