My 5 current favourite concealers

When asked to me which makeup products I find to be splurge-worthy, concealer comes first to my mind, as for most of the same reasons as foundation. It is up to you to decide whether the extra cost rationalizes the benefits you get, but here are some of the reasons why I splurge on concealer ;

  • The color payoff is so much better due to the increased pigmentation.
  • The color selection is often larger to match more skin tones.
  • It’s applied to a sensitive area so it is important to invest in a better product that more likely has some added elevated ingredients.
  • Some of those elevated ingredients can include; appropriate sunscreen, serums, light reflectors, anti aging ingredients, etc.

Make Up For Ever : Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer

 COLOUR SHADE: R20 Porcelain PRICE: 7 ml / €25.00

FAVOURITE ASPECT: this Concealer passes the brightest of the day light tests! It looks so natural yet conceals beautifully.

Texture:  The texture has a very thin consistency and slightly sticky, but is dries into a very pretty moist dewy finish. I find it best to work by dabbing lightly with a sponge.

Coverage:  A tiny drop goes a long way! It really is very thin but super highly pigmented so it covers up very highly settling into a skin-like finish. It gives me a somewhat glowy flawless finish.

Longevity: It remains dewy looking throughout the day and stays put quit long, for a about 5 hours depending on what the weather is like. It is I think the only concealer that “barely” sets in to my fine lines.

Packaging: The packaging comes in a squeeze tube with a handy white ball shape at the tip. Makes applying the concealer easy to control and distribute. Also great to bring along with you in your makeup bag.

Nars : Radiant Creamy Concealer

COLOUR SHADE: Light 1 Chantilly PRICE: 6 ml /  €26.00

FAVOURITE ASPECT: Has the best wide colour range, great for highlighting and contouring!

TextureThis concealer, despite its name, is not so creamy as it indicates. It is actually quiet drying so I strongly recommend you use a good eye cream when using it. But when applied on well hydrated skin it settles quit nice into a satin finish.

Coverage: It is not super high coverage, however if you layer, it can become full coverage. My shade is very pale with a neutral tone that not only gives a decent coverage but also illuminates the darker areas.

Longevity: About 6 hours, but even when I prep the skin whit a good eye cream, I notice that the concealer has settled into fine lines (if you have oily skin you might not find it so drying). I find it is best to just remove and reapply from scratch when I need to get through the day longer.

Packaging: It comes with a wand in a long sleek tube, great to bring along in my makeup bag but not so great when there is little product and you cant reach the bits at the bottom

COLOUR SHADE: NC 15 PRICE: 9 ml / €16.00

FAVOURITE ASPECT: This Concealer lives up to its name, it barely smudge or budge all day long!

TextureA liquid to creamy texture, quiet thick yet sitll very easy to blend out if the area is previously well moisturized.

Coverage: Definitely has a medium to high coverage but with a natural finish so not dewy or matte.

LongevityThey weren’t kidding when they named it Pro Long wear, you need a good makeup remover to remove it completely. So if I need a concealer to last all day long this is the one I grab for. It is a bit drying in consequence but nothing that can be fixed with a good eye cream and fix plus to finish off.

Packaging: A small glass container with a pump. I find the glass packaging quiet appealing but the pump is a bit of a con, you have to be very careful when pumping out the product. One pump is enough to cover both eyes and other areas.

Helena Rubinstein : Magic Concealer

COLOUR SHADE: 02 PRICE: 15 ml / 33,00

FAVOURITE ASPECT: It gives the best anti – fatigue effect that you can expect from a concealer (Its like coffee for your under eye bags)

TextureThe concealer glides on smoothly and blends out easily with my fingers or sponge. I don’t find it to be greasy but don’t find it drying either, in fact, it is quiet hydrating.

Coverage: Light to buildable medium coverage. I find that a little bit will just do. I don’t have very dark circles but num. 02 gives me that flawless awakened look, while num. 01 would add some highlighting effect. It evens out pores as well .

Longevity: It is quiet hydrating so I do notice some settling into some fine lines but it isn’t too noticeable and this is easily fixed by just dabbing with my finger under my eyes. I like to bring it along in my purse for retouches because this is the concealer that doesn’t look cakey if reapplied and gives me an immediate fresh face look.

Packaging: It comes in a tube so It is hygienic, and makes it easy to squeeze out the right amount. You can cut it open when you are at its last drops. (It is listed as the priciest but it comes with 15ml instead of 7ml like most concealers.)

COLOUR SHADE: only 1 shade available: neutral light shade PRICE: 12 ml / €10 (Asia)

FAVOURITE ASPECT : The only exception for drugstore concealer (In Asia) By far the best quality drug store I have found, with lots of beauty essences to treat the eye area.

TextureThe texture is creamy. Very easy to blend, fills in skin irregularities and evens out pores. It doesn’t feel greasy but a little drying, so a good moisturiser is essencial.

Coverage: I find it very similar to the Helena Rubinstein one but less hydrating. It covers  pores and gives a semi dewy finish. It only comes in 1 shade, but it matches most fair to medium skin tones. (It surprises me, being a Japanese product, it doesn’t come in lighter shades.)

Longevity: It says to have an anti-sweat formula that will even resist tears and sebum. Not sure about that, but I do agree on that it wears quiet long however it  tends to slightly fade at the end of the day. If it fades, you can layer up a thin coat very nicely without it  looking cakey.

Packaging: The packaging comes in a squeeze tube packaging. Hygienic and practical. But, oh so un- appealing! I do not like the cheap pinkish design of it and it makes it hard to believe such a good product will come out of it. But it does, so it’s a “don’t judge a book by its cover “ kind of product I guess.

What is your current favourite concealer? Do you splurge on concealer?

x Josune, Your Beauty Script

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