How I get my feet ready for spring, Ft. extreme Japanese Foot Peels

Ok, I should warn you this is kind of gross to talk about and the photos you are about to see are pretty scary! But the results were so amazing I just had to share it…


beautyfoot & intensive repair foot mask

beautyfoot & intensive repair foot mask

Spring has arrived, this means It is time to bring out the strappy sandels … not so fun if you find yourself with a bad case of calluses like myself. I know, that the formation of calluses is part of the body’s defense system as they are protective layers of compacted dead skin cells, but, now and then I need to do an intervention and smooth my feet out, because calluses, or just not that attractive.

I found these peeling renewal feet masks in Watsons, but It took me a few weeks until I actually used them because I was so afraid of them, I saw the pictures of the process and was not sure if it would be ‘safe’ to use and I was terrified it would eat my foot off or similar. Now that I have used them (twice!)I have gained to love them!

They are quiet unusual for the European market but in Asia you can find them anywhere. What it basically does is help to renew your skin in just 7 days. During that process the skin gets peeled gradually. The box recommends you to do this 1-2 times in one month… but I think that’s a bit too much for my poor feet.


foot peel, beauty foot

foot peel, beauty foot

Wash your feet and put on the two ‘socks’ that are soaked with liquid. Put on some socks and relax or walk around for 1.50 h or depending what the packaging says since it varies from brand to brand. Rinse with water and apply foot lotion.

foot peel, 7 days steps

foot peel, 7 days steps



  •  Calluses be gone!
  •  Smooth baby feet and smooth cuticles!
  •  Easy to use.


  • If you fake tan, like me, you will have white feet with brown legs, so do this before heading to the beach or getting a faux tan!
  • It is hard to resist not to remove the dead layers of skin during the process so it does peel quiet unevenly. This also means you will be walking during 7 days with nasty looking feet and be aware for some nasty skin flakes around the house… so put on some socks!


You can find them on plenty of online stores like, for example , and they cost about 10 euro each pair. I tried and approve BEAUTYFOOT (Japanese) & FOOTMASK (by Efem).


  • Cucumber extract: moisturizing
  • Aloe extract: anti – irritation
  • Lactic acid: callus exfoliating
  • Fish collagen: repairing
  • Glycolic acid: whitening

 Do you dare to try these out?

X Josune, Your Beauty Script

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