All about that glow Ft. Illusion D’Ombre

A few weeks ago I was lured into one of the Chanel counters all because of this pretty sparkling spongy eyeshadow: Illusion D’Ombre in Mirifique (24 €). I know this one is not a new one but I never got around buying it up until now.

At a first glance; the pot, is cute but nothing out of the ordinary. The product also comes with a mini brush of synthetic hair, very flat and is practical enough.

 illusion d'ombre mirifique

healthy glow ft. illusion d’ombre mirifique

Now, let’s get to the interesting part; the texture is very special, half cream and half-powder. When you put your fingers in it, it feels kind of spongy. The color I chose is Mirifique. Mirifique is an intense ebony black with silver sparkles in it. Just beautiful! The amount of glitter is not overwhelming but ads an interesting spark to the eye. It is very buildable meaning you can work it to achieve a very festive smokey look or like I did, an intense (dramatic) eyeliner. Very chic as the French would say.

Now, I did notice some slightly slipping toward the end of the day towards my upper eyelid but this can be tamed with an eye shadow primer.

healthy glow ft. illusion d'ombre mirifique

healthy glow ft. illusion d’ombre mirifique


With this strong cat eye I decided to go for a more subtle lip like Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer nº 100 Phenomenon (€8). The formula feels like a liquid lipstick, very creamy and highly pigmented. The shade does remind me a bit of a concealer and might wash you out a little bit but paired with the right lip liner it results in a beautiful nude. (I don’t wear lip liner in the photo though)

Since I was going for that glow, I used the four-toned shimmer bronzer by the brand: 17 (€7, also known as Boots No. 17) on my apple cheeks. It is long lasting and overall great value for money! It doesn’t really give you a bronze or anything but a subtle, buildable healthy glow.

I finished off with some strategic highlighting with Smashbox: Photo Op Under Eye Brightener (€19) to lit the brow bone, high part of the cheekbones, tip of the chin, bridge of the nose, the inside corners of my eyes…. Ok, so I basically let little left on my face untouched with this. As for my opinion, it does give you that pretty glow but is very cheer and watery so has little to no coverage (you have to shake it well before you use it!), it is really just a brightener and although I enjoy using it, keeping in mind it costs €19 for as little as 7 ml I believe there are many products out there that will do the same for less.

How about you, have you tried any of these yet?

X Josune, Your Beauty Script


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