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Let me start of by saying it is terrifying to write my first ever post, but equally as exciting! My last year’s New Year resolution was to start this blog… since I clearly failed on that, I can finally say I pushed through this year! The reason why I put it off for so long is because facing public exposure, social media or even taking a simple selfie has never been my forte … but, I realized my passion for the beauty community is bigger than those obstacles so I finally did it! I put down to sleep the thought ‘I’m not good enough’ and just decided to go for it and enjoy what I love which is talk, write and read about beauty products, food and DIYs!

So, who am I?                                                                                     

I am a self claimed girly girl at heart, lover of all things beautiful and my name is Josune.

I grew up in a bilingual family of a Belgian father and Spanish mother. I live in sunny Valencia in Spain but will soon be moving to Taiwan where my boyfriend is from. Besides blogging, I love to travel and explore unknown places, cultures and foods.

I’ll be sharing with you my own interpretation on cosmetics, food and DIYs. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts! You can read more about me here

So in the name of the blogger community, I hereby say:

‘I promise to stay true to my 2014 2015 resolution!’

Thank you for stopping by and joining me!

-x- Josune, Your Beauty Script



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