Etude House: Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub


Even though I love traveling, my skin hates it! My skin always looks the worse during those days and can be quiet unpredictable. One way to keep it tamed is a good cleaning kit, a good scrub being one of my favorite steps to include in my travel skincare regime. So when I saw these small individuals wrapped facial scrubs I thought it might just turn into an essential for my traveling! The packaging was there, now I just had to found out if it did the trick!

etude house, baking powder

etude house, baking powder


I think we’ve all heard about the various uses of baking powder. Etude House has an entire range of baking powder being the active ingredient. Baking powder, I read, has just the right amount of course for removing the top layer of dead skin cells without turning the skin red and irritated.

The scrub is a soft white creamy paste with very fine scrubbing granules (presuming the baking soda). I dampen my face and apply it in a gentle circular massage until the formula dissolves into a clear color, then rinse it with lots of warm luke water.

One container is enough amounts to use for one time (I have a tendency to abuse products so you might get 2 scrubs out of 1). I find the scrub very gentle and not abrasive for my slightly sensitive skin. The skin is left feeling smooth and clean, and not in a squeaky way. Regarding to the pores, they are not my biggest concern, but for those few I have around my noise, they were barely visible afterwards! The scrub has mint to reduce redness and inflammation which might also contribute to the soft mint citrusy smell it has (I thought it smelled like sprite!).

Will I repurchase… yes and no. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the product but since I am being honest, I am always looking for the next best thing, and I have tried other facial scrubs that overall excited me more and are more appropiate for rather dry skin type. I also believe this would sooth better someone with oilier skin like my friend who has combination skin and she absolutly adores these. Why I might repurchase will be to take with me on holiday because it is really a good packable size!


The box includes 24 x 7 gram pyramid sachets and retails for $ 12.15 USD. I bought it in Taiwan in one of the Etude house stores, but there are plenty of online stores that sell it. I recommend or Ebay.

Will you be including them in your travel kit?

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