Delicate face & body mud

Apparently, this one has been around for a while but I wasn’t overly familiar with the brand Borghese before … which is surprising since they claim on their website to have the best selling mud’s in the world! This is a very bold claim, so as a beauty junkie, I took it as my duty to find out for myself.


I bought the Delicato Active Mude for Delicate Skin from the “fango” range which is Italian for ‘mud’.

The company says: Fango mud is a spring water skin treatment that is sourced from the Tuscan earth. This mask soothes sensitive skin and spirits simultaneously with a cocktail of calming and protective ingredients such as aloe vera, oat protein, and mango butter.

Having rather dry skin I usually try to stay away from mud masks since they tend to let my skin feeling dry and itchy. But this one is aimed for sensitive and dry skin which made me very excited…

delicate face and body mud


  1. I prepped the skin by steam opening my pores with a hot wet face towel.
  1. I used a paint brush (finger tips are fine too but more messy) and spread a thick layer of the beauty mud evenly, all over my face avoiding eye area. You have to make sure to put on a good thick layer since it won’t work the same if you let it dry.

 Once on, it did feel very creamy and soft and didn’t sting at all.

  1. Left it on for 5 -10 minutes and removed it with tepid water (I would only use the sponge (included) to wipe of your body, it is too rough for your face). The mud can be applied on the body, but I’ve only done this for when I wanted to prep the skin for a fake tan. Witch actually was great since it made the tan stay longer and more even for a longer period of time but I do not do this very often since I would ran out of the product way too fast.

delicate face and body mud (3)


The mud has a very refreshing herbal slightly minty smell to it and its consistency is thick and creamy like a true mud mask.

I wear this mask every other week and I do feel it helps to improve the appearance of the skin and removing impurities. It does not really do much for fine lines and doesn’t moister my skin as it claims it does, but doesn’t suck it out either. Skin feels soft, smooth and very clean!

The jar, I love. I love the bulky glass, which I will definitely reuse for other purposes afterwards! It looks very sophisticated in my bathroom and seals up perfectly so I don’t have to worry about maintaining the mask’s goodies.

It is a jumbo 430 ml jar and is retailed around 50 Euros online, I did see them recently half priced online ( They are a New York based company (former Italian), sold in plenty of online stores and in randomly major department stores basically all around the world.

It is quiet pricey, but mud masks are very popular spa treatments that are often quiet expensive so I consider this mask a less expensive way to treat myself to a spa at home session.

I would love to try other masks from Borghese like the mud for hair and scalp … very tempting!

So, I’d say: yes, it does work and yes: I would recommend this to a friend who is in need for an indulging spa at home treatment!

How about you, have you tried anything out of the Fango range?

X Josune, Your Beauty Script


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