Curried-Banana-Chocolate Gelatin Mousse

It’s during those cold winter days I welcome chocolate in my life more than ever. And these last days it has been especially cold in my City. I believe chocolate is one of the most affordable luxurious foods one can have and for this recipe in particular I combined the chocolate with a banana and curry puree to give it an exotic twist with a punch of liqueur. The combination of these ingredients creates for a somewhat sexy-exotic adult recipe. On top of this, this must be the ultimate anti-depressing-feel-good-energizing dessert since chocolate, bananas & curry are considered to have these contributes. I think I made my case.

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 Ingredients: (12 servings)

Banana base

3 ripe bananas
1 tablespoon butter
30 gr. icing sugar
2 teaspoons Madras curry


Chocolate Jelly

8-10 g of colorless gelatin sheets
300 g of black chocolate (75%)
100ml liqueur chocolate + banana (or amaretto)
500ml Milk

Chocolate sauce
1 tbsp caster sugar,  25 g butter,  100ml double cream,  50 g of black chocolate (75%)

  1. Let thebutter over low heatin a skilletmeltand addthe bananasinto thin slices.
    Smash the banana up to a puree, add the icing sugar and madras curry. Let the banana caramelize for 2-3 more minutes and remove from Pass the puree into small molds or cups.
  2. Melt chocolat au bain mari, add the Boil the milk and let it stand for 2 minutes and add it to the chocolate.
  3. Breakin a bowl the gelatin andcover with water until it is Drain theexcess water and add it to the chocolate stirring gently.
  4. Heat ingredients of the chocolate sauce in a small saucepan over low fire until evenly combined. Let it cool down and serve with the chocolate gelatin mousse.

 I hope you will try this out and share it with someone dear to you!

x Josune, Your Beauty Script

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