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You all might have heard of Marian Keyes for her funny chick lit novels but did you know she has her own pastry cook book? I initially bought the book, because I was drawn by its pretty girly cover, but after reading the introduction I knew this cookbook would be as delightful and funny to read like any of her novels!

Saved by Cake (Spanish cover: Salvada Por Los Pasteles)

Saved By Cake

Saved By Cake

saved by cake 1The book is very personal to her as she tells it all started after going through a difficult period in her life wherefore she found comfort in the baking world. Every recipe in the book is like a one-on-one conversation is being held with a close friend. She writes in a charming and funny way and gives plenty of tips and tricks that come very in handy for beginners. The recipes are not intimidating and are easy to replicate. I did have to adjust some quantities to the recipes and ingredients but I believe this happens to me with every cook book I have. I chose to share with you one of my favorite type of cakes, cheesecake! But this one is not your ordinary cake, its lavender infused with white chocolate! It’s a real girly-type of cake though, so I recommend sharing it with a couple of girlfriends!

Lavender infused, white chocolate – cheesecake topped with figs

Even though the original recipe doesn’t include figs, figs are in full season and luckily, nearby my mom’s house, there are lots of fig trees so naturally I couldn’t resist decorating my cake with them. Figs are intensely sweet, so they’re great for desserts and the flavors happen to go excellent together (lavender & figs are both summer bloomers) so it all turned out perfect.

Shall we begin?

saved by cake-ingredientsIngredients: – edible lavender or lavender flavoring- 200g white chocolate- 200g mascarpone cheese- 200g whole cheese Philadelphia- 200 g ricotta cheese- 2 eggs- 50 ml whipping cream- food coloring gel in burgundy and pink. 70 g butter -160 g of tea biscuits. Figs.

 (Instructions neither photographs are a replica from the book)

lavender-chocolate-cheesecake steps

lavender-chocolate-cheesecake steps


Start preparing the lavender flavor: (I used edible lavender) Add the lavender to the cream and put it on the lowest fire for just a couple of minutes. Don’t lose sight of it or the cream will disappear before you know it. Let it rest for at least an hour.


Prepare a crunchy cookie base by mixing the melted butter with the smashed cookies and cover a 23 cm baking shell with it. Put it in the fridge for at least an hour. (Make sure the baking shell is deep enough (+- 4 cm) since the pie will rise in the oven and you will have to cover the cake with aluminum foil at a certain moment to protect the color.


Preheat oven on 150º. (gas 2 )

– Melt the white chocolate au Bain de Marie but don’t lose sight of it since white chocolate burns much faster as dark chocolate. Put it off fire and let it cool.

– Mix the three cheeses in a deep bowl together (use a hand spatula or the texture will appear a little lumpy!)

– Add to the cheeses the melted chocolate, keep stirring and proceed adding the two eggs.

– Filter the lavender infused cream and add it to the filling.

Now it’s time to give it some color. I didn’t have the ideal colors to achieve a nice lavender color, instead I used some drops of red and blue which gave it an old, rustic rosy color. The ideal would be mixing a burgundy and rose color.

  1. BAKE

Pour the filling on the cookie base and put it in the oven. After 30 minutes take it out and cover with aluminum foil to avoid the color to change. Leave it in the oven another 10 minutes. Turn off the oven but do not take it out for another hour.

Leave it in the fridge overnight. the day after decor it with some beautiful figs. I put them somewhat randomly on top.





MK suggests you to give this cake as a gift to someone …. But I could not resist it and devoured it with my mother all by ourselves!



Have you tried out any recipes from her book?

x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

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